PARKD Ltd is an Australian construction technology company that has created an innovative modular, multi-storey carpark structure called the Parkd Car Park System. With only three primary elements, which are pre-fabricated off-site, the system can offer faster build times and reduced costs when compared to traditional concrete car parks.

  • 6 Storey standard system design
  • Fast and efficient construction
  • Reusable
  • Relocatable
  • Modify by expanding or extending
  • Prefabricated concrete construction
Parkd Ltd ASX ticker code: PKD

PARKD car parks are seamlessly delivered by our team and construction partners, and offer the unique option to deconstruct, expand or reuse in new locations. The System is designed to allow for assembly in a variety of configurations, with the flexibility to add and remove levels up to six storeys high in response to parking demand.

The PARKD Car Park System offers unique opportunities to assemble parking structures to maximise property utilisation. PARKD Ltd is looking to support developers and land owners with bespoke commercial terms for short term installations of the system. This design solves the problem of vacant, unusable space found in traditional car parks and the prevailing issue many commercial businesses face of limited onsite parking capacity in inner city Australia.

with Parkd

PARKD offer a turn key design and construction service for car parking structures from concept to handover of a completed car park structure.

We provide expert advice on the layout and arrangement of car parks to suit both greenfield and brownfield sites and our system is particularly suited to locations where the speed of construction is the driving consideration.
The PARKD System is a flexible structural solution designed to accommodate various car park and site configurations with the primary beam able to span up to 17m.

Our standard system is predesigned and engineered to comply with current Building Standards and AS Codes.

The PARKD System design utilises the latest construction technology to minimise material expense and construction time by pre-fabricating the carpark’s lighter concrete components off-site. These parts are then transported to site, put into position using cranes and connected together using non fixed connections.

PARKD offer the following delivery methods for our system:

  • Develop, design and construction
  • Conforming design and construction to an existing structural/architectural arrangement
  • Design and assembly of the system in partnership with a head contractor or builder
  • Design and supply of the system in partnership with a head contractor or builder

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