The Engineering and Architectural design of car parks is at the centre of our service and we offer design support from concept through to Development Application and on to complete construction documentation.

The standard PARKD Car Park Solution has been designed to meet the needs of most sites and applications however can be modified by our team to suit your specific needs.

The Standard System is designed for five suspended levels with a ground level to create a six-level car park, using simple steel-to-steel connections from level to level. The car park’s supporting columns are encased in concrete; improving their strength and performance, making the structure extremely durable and resistant to fire and aggressive environments.


Detailed planning is essential for the efficient and effective assembly and installation of our system. Through the use of prefabricated elements the time on site can be minimised to a fraction of the time traditional construction requires. 

From initial design concepts to building on-site, PARKD uses the latest construction modelling software to animate and create a virtual model to allow and immersive reality to assess construction risks and site limitation.


The uniqueness of the PARKD System lies in its use of just three primary structural elements needed to build a car park. These structural elements are prefabricated and offer the most flexible use for each individual parking structure, dependent on its purpose in the market.

The prefabrication approach has many advantages including:

  • Quality of manufacturing
  • Accuracy in size and dimension
  • Pre-ordering and stockpiling
  • Reduces construction activity on work sites
  • Minimises site risks and safety hazards
  • Improves scalability for the delivery of multiple projects
  • Increased precision in the manufacturing process


PARKD car parks are a departure from the traditional concrete car parks currently in use, which take up permanent positions. Our parking solutions provide a sustainable alternative to what is now an outdated, rigid and inefficient solution to the problem of car park capacity. PARKD flexible car parks can be deconstructed without demolition, reused in a new location and leave behind little permanent damage to the environment at their prior site.