Our Markets

The demand for multi-storey parking structures is growing and changing as our city’s develop and transportation needs evolve. The confidence in developing static fixed parking assets is weakening with the threat of disruptive transportation options and changing habits.

PARKD’s Car Park System has been designed for this disrupted environment by offering a solution that can be moved extended and modified in response to changes in demand and opportunities. The system meets the need for fast construction, flexible, highly functional and economical multi level car parks in various markets.

Our standard PARKD Car Park System can be used across many markets and is particularly suited to retail car dealerships where parking space and vehicle storage is a constant stress. We understand the importance of revenue generated from new and used car sales and vehicle servicing that rely on parking facilities. An enormous amount of time, money and resources are being wasted on ad-hoc parking solutions that do not address the issue facing car dealerships.

The markets for car parks also extend beyond dealerships, and covers private, public and institutional sectors, which are under increasing pressure to provide additional parking facilities. These markets include:

  • Public and private car parking structures in CBD locations
  • Retail Centre Parking
  • Public Transport Modal Interchange Parking
  • Hospital Campus Parking
  • Airport Parking
  • University Campus Parking
  • Construction Parking

Benefits for customers

  • Increased parking capacity to maximise revenue
  • Structure can be enclosed increasing showroom capacity
  • Levels can be added or removed in response to parking demand
  • Takes advantage of otherwise unusable space
  • Designed to be assembled in a variety of configurations
  • Simple and fast to erect by contracted builders
  • Reduced on-site construction activity means less business disruption
  • The reusable structure allows dealerships to move premises easily
  • Low cost and low environmental footprint
  • Designed to withstand aggressive environments