PARKD Ltd (ASX: PKD) is pleased to announce practical completion of a new mezzanine facility for John Hughes Group in Victoria Park, Perth WA. The project marks a significant milestone for PARKD who was engaged from concept feasibility to the delivery of a turn-key solution for John Hughes through its new contracting entity PARKD Construction Pty Ltd. The delivery of this project also marks the first time use of its patented technology in permanent structures in which it’s performance is now proven.
The new structure was built entirely within an existing steel framed warehouse effectively doubling its Gross Floor Area and transforming its operational utilisation. The PARKD Structural System solution enable its client to achieve an outcome that would have been cost and time prohibitive using traditional construction.
Peter McUtchen, Managing Director of PARKD comments: “We are delighted to see the benefits of our system of building fully realised on this project clearly demonstrating that our technology creates opportunities for land owners and businesses where traditional construction cannot compete.” He went on to say; “The successful delivery of the project by PARKD Construction further strengthens our ability to pursue and deliver projects in a challenging market and have greater control to manage project outcomes.”
The use of the Permanent PARKD Structural System and Continuously Voided Beams (CVB) in the primary frame, offered a solution that was cost efficient, rapid to build and negated any modification or change to the existing warehouse structure. The precast and structural steel system was prefabricated off-site and assembled on site using Just In Time (JIT) delivery and LEAN Construction Practices that minimised time and waste on site.
Removing the need for any formwork or back propping during construction, through the use of the PARKD system, is a key benefit to seeing its employment onto projects where larger spans between columns is required. Taking formwork off the job reduces cost, labour, safety risks and storage area on sites and expediates following trade works.

As previously announced; this technically challenging project involved the construction of a 9m spanning suspended slab approximately 5m from the ground level within an existing warehouse shed and partly over existing structures. This was achieved using PARKD’s permanent structural solution comprising 100mm thick wet cast slab spanning between precast Continuously Voided Beams (CVB) without the need for any formwork or propping during construction.
The project was delivered within the final agreed program and construction budget and, critically, the assembly of the PARKD System was completed in approx. 6 weeks following the completion of inground works. The complex nature of the build and minimisation of the disruption to our client further demonstrates the value in the company’s construction solutions and IP. A timelapse of the construction and assembly of the system can be found on this website.
PARKD Managing Director, Peter McUtchen commented; “Following the substantial completion of this project we have seen an increase in enquiry levels from the auto retail sector and we are area aware this sector of the market will benefit significantly from our unique solution delivering cheaper and faster outcomes for their developments.”